Refer to your Business Strategies Proposal assignment.Assume one of your alternative strategies was selected by the organization. Develop a plan for implementing your strategy.

Upper management has established a new push toward shared leadership and the development of high-performance work teams.Develop an 8- to 12-slide PowerPoint presentation and any accompanying documentation for your strategy’s kickoff within the organization. Y
Include the following in your presentation: An overview of the new strategy
The business problem and its significance
The effect of economic uncertainty on your problem
Historical strategies, if any, used to attempt a solution
Key stakeholders in implementing the new strategy
Examples of successes in the industry using a similar strategyInclude a Frequently Asked Questions section, addressing at least five common questions your strategy may elicit. Include at least two of the following questions: How would you address the problem if the team is not high-performing?
How would you modify or create the team selection process?
How would you modify or create the evaluation criteria?
Include your reflection of how you incorporated the following principles into your strategies:
Systematic inquiry
Integrity and honesty
Respect for all people
Responsibilities for general and public welfareCite a minimum of six sources published within the last five years, with at least three sources from peer-reviewed journals.Provide supporting speaker notes in your presentation.Format your submission according to APA guidelines (remember cover page, introduction, conclusion, reference page)

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