reason academic

please upload a letter that gives the approximate date of each incident, explains the circumstances, and reflects on what you learned from the experience.

so i was in the academic probation last year, because my grandma is really sick and my parents were in a crisis time, they fight all the time which make me have to fly back and forth to my home country. and also in spring i found out i was pregnant. and no one knows.
i was really depressed. all these stuff cause me a big impact in my school. i failed 1 quarter and couple of classes. i keep praying and He answred my prayer. by summer my grandma have been recovered. my parents also never fight anymore. and when i went to a doctor for checkup. turn out i was having a misscariege. not saying im happy for this. this misscariege thing also hit me so hard. but then i realize, there;s no use for sitting around and crying. i know i need to get back up and start to bulid my life again like before. so right now, slowly, step by step i fix my life. start from school. and i wont give up this time

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