Read the short articles and watch the video linked above then answer the following questions.1. What are your views on the outcome of beast Jesus?

Did the eighty year old woman who restored it actually do the church a favor? Why or why not?2. Why do you think that the Beast Jesus restoration wasn’t quite as disturbing as the restorations shown in the video and in the one article? 3. Select a restoration fail other than Beast Jesus, and do more research on what happened. There are on line documentaries about the restoration of the Sistine Ceiling or Leonardo’s last Supper that you can watch, for example, but also short articles that you can read. Cite your source or sources, and explain in detail what the restorer was trying to achieve, whether or not it was achieved, and how the restoration ruined the original work of art. You can also select a restoration success–remember that the goal is not to make the art work look new, but to give people a better idea of what it originally looked like. You should also provide a picture or a link to the restoration. You can’t paste directly onto the discussion board but if you click the picture icon you can link a url.

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