Read book “Introduction to Geospatial Technologies” Third Edition, by Bradley A. Shellito, and answer questions

Presidential Election Thematic Maps
1. Which Presidential elections have shown the greatest differences between the numbers of electoral college votes received by each candidate?
2. Under the electoral college system, the candidate with the greatest number of electoral votes is the winner, not the candidate who wins the greatest number of states.Turn on the option to display the number of electoral votes per state and re-examine the Presidential election thematic maps over the years. Which elections saw the winning candidate take a smaller number of states but a larger number of electoral votes?
3. From a mapping context, would it be more informative to map Presidential election results as red states and blue states, or should the states be mapped according to their electoral vote count?

Examining Google Street View
1. How would the imagery from Street View be helpful if you were traveling to Rock Hall as a destination (and had never been there before)?  There are no parking areas available immediately adjacent to the Rock Hall – how could Google Street View be more helpful to you than a road map or an overhead view in finding somewhere to park?
2. Examine some local areas near you using Street View.  Which roads are available with Street View imagery and which are not (for instance, is Street View imagery of residential areas available or is it available only on main roads)?

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