Qualifications for Union Office


Qualifications for Union Office






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11th, February 2013

                In order for one to qualify for the union office, the United States has a set of conditions, which the candidate must meet. These are qualifications they must satisfy in order to be considered legible for the office. The United States Supreme Court reset these qualifications back in 1977. Primarily, any person interested in the union office, has to be a member of the union for at least two years. Non-members are not allowed to hold any positions in the union office. Secondly, for one to qualify for candidature, they must have made it to attend at least half of all the meetings held by their local union for the past three years prior the elections period. This is necessary, as members who meet this requirement are more familiar with the union, and how it operates. Although this would see many members out, the court insisted on applying this qualification, as it would encourage more members, who had interest in the union office, to start attending meetings and taking union matters seriously. However, this qualification has been disputed. Additionally, although multiple office holding is acceptable under the right terms, members with dual unionism, who hold office in a rival union, cannot be allowed to hold position in another rival union organization. Finally, qualifications such as age, based on the candidates’ characters are used by union organizations to determine candidature. However, these should be devoid of racist or discriminatory elements, based on gender, colour, religion, or nationality, as this will contradict with the Civil rights Act of 1964.

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