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  1. In separate tables, summarize the results from the various methods used to determine the moisture content of each type of food sample analyzed. Include in each table the following for each method: (a) Data from individual determinations, (b) mean value, (c) standard deviation, (d) observed appearance, etc. of samples, (e) relative advantages of method, and (f) relative disadvantages of method.
  2. Calculate the moisture content of the samples as determined by the forced draft oven in terms of g H2O/g dry matter and include this in a table of results.

Food Moisture Content


Mean % Moisture

Mean g Water/g Dry Matter

Forced draft oven    
Rapid moisture analyzer    
  1. When preparing fluid milk for drying, why are milk samples partially evaporated on a hot plate before being dried in the hot air oven?
  2. Why is there a need to cover samples during oven drying?
  3. Your quality control lab has been using a hot air oven method to make moisture determination on various products produced in your plant. You have been asked to evaluate the feasibility of switching to new methods (the specific one would depend on the product) for measuring moisture content.
    1. Describe how you would evaluate the accuracy and precision of any new method.
    2. What common problems or disadvantages with the hot air oven method would you seek to reduce or eliminate using a new method?

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