Assignment 4 20%
To achieve the main aim of this course: development of skills for providing psychological support to foreign language learners, students will have to prepare a lesson plan (and if possible to conduct) a special lesson-workshop on the effective strategies: “How to learn a foreign language”.
M Metacognition and its role in language learning. Individual effort and student autonomy.
Mediated learning and scaffolding. Basics of psychological support in development of learners’ autonomy language learning.
Workshop on the psychology of memory, learning in general and language learning in particular.
This is a copy of the task from the syllabus of the course. So if you prepared a lesson aimed promoting LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY it is not an appropriate plan, even if it is a very good plan for teaching EFL.
Ask yourself: “Will your students become better (more efficient, more motivated) language learners? Will they learn from you something new about how to learn English? Have you promoted better learning strategies? Will they develop metacognition, will they understand better their individual learning style?

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