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PSU Education Gap Essay

Penn State University has always been my University of choice since I joined my high school.  The university has been my role model and my motivation to work hard towards attainment of my dreams. Since I finished my high school at Hong Kong, three years have already elapsed.   Even though, this has been considerably long time, I have spent my time well and to my best of knowledge, I am satisfied that the period has provided me an opportunity to learn new experiences in life. My passion to advance in economics began when I was at high school. I loved reading magazines and books in economics and admired prominent personalities that had studied economics at the Penn State Univesrity.

In the three years, since my completion of my high school education, I have engaged in different activities geared at enhancing my skills and knowledge. Financial constraints played a role in my delay to join the university as the amount of fees required was out of my reach. My family background was poor and therefore, I could not join a university immediately despite being the best performer in my school. Therefore, these problems contributed to my delay in seeking a place at the university.

Even though there was insufficient funds for me to join a university direct, I did not give up with my quest to seek education that would help me reach or achieve my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.  I resolved to solicit funds from my friends and pledged with my parents to assist me with the little savings they had so that I could join a middle level college. Fortunately, my initiative and pledges bore fruits when I managed to get funds for my college. I opted to join Dean College, Franklin, MA for a short course as an international student.  The course lasted for 2 year before we graduated.  On my graduation, I could not believe that despite the difficulties and obstacles I went through I was being conferred a certificate that could help me earn a living and assist my parents and the society at large. I owe my sincere gratitude and thanks to all those people who came in my way to aid me with my school fees. My desire to enroll for a degree became evident when I was in the college. I have worked hard and I can see, my dream is coming true.

During my studies, I was an active member of various clubs. Apart from my academics, I took part in volunteer programmes at Young Vision organization in Hong Kong.  I used to assist people and communities in community work during our holidays. I loved assisting people and I was happy to get a volunteer organization that I joined and through it contributed in giving back to the society by offering my services. Back at the college, because of my passion in charity work, I was elected to be a team captain of the charity club. The club activities were to engage in charity works at school. As a team leader, I provided good leadership which saw many students change their attitude towards volunteerism and charity. The number of students joining the club increased at a tremendous rate making the club one of the most vibrant and active in the school.  Due to this popularity, during my time as a team leader, we were awarded an award by the principal as the best club that was organized and active.

I also participated in the basketball games at the college. As the captain of the team, I managed to take my tennis team to the finals in the all college games that are played every year. Our team managed to scoop the awards after beating all teams in our groups at the final.  I can say with confidence, that these leadership opportunities at the college have widened my scoop of thinking part from improving my social skills. I have learned to work as a team and I have sharpened my leadership skills and even improved on my interacting skills as I always interacted with my fellow students from all walks of life.

I have also worked for Hong Kong International Airport as a luggage servicer in the last one year.  I secured this opportunity after my graduation at the Dean College. The opportunity helped me in nurturing and improving my skills and knowledge. Furthermore, this opportunity also allowed me to face real work or life challenges. I have been able to execute my duties as per the requirements of the management and even surpassing their expectation. On several occasions, I have been given accolades on many occasions for being a good time manager and exhibiting good organizational skills.  Furthermore, I was recognized by the school as one of the creative and innovative student when I suggested the implementation of a program that would improve the existing education system. The system was geared at enhancing the teacher –student relationships through meetings and forums where students would raise their views and pinions freely.

I am therefore, esteemed that the three years I have out since my high school has enabled me to realize my dream and shape my career. The challenges I faced have enabled me reach the far I have and I do not regret for the three years that I have been out. I believe the challenges I have gone through have redefined and shaped me to acquire the level of education I have always yearned to acquire. I believe that education is the pillar of a better future; education liberates people and brings light in their life. My university of choice has always been Penn state university. I believe that my dreams will come true at this university. The university has produced role models that have changed the lives of many and this is what I am looking forward to.


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