Protein profiling of nuts (peanut and walnut) both before and after roasting, with links to allergic reactions

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The idea behind this essay/investigation was to obtain protein fingerprints of two types of nuts (walnut and peanut) and through the use of protein separation techniques and mass spectrometry procedures identify proteins that could potentially be the cause of allergic responses in individuals suffering from nut allergies to peanuts but not walnuts.
I have carried out an experiment to find the protein concentrations of peanuts and walnuts using the bradford assay in both their raw and roasted states (roasting at time intervals of 5, 15, 30, 45 and 60 mins at 100 and 200 degrees in the oven). Checking the protein concentrations allowed me to move on to SDS PAGE procedure to look for protein bands that were present in peanuts and not in walnuts and to see if there are changes in the protein bands of peanut and walnut before and after roasting in order to check what happens to the protein bands after roasting, through the analysis of the SDS gel. I have written up the methods and results section of the essay, I need the introduction and discussion sections to be written up. I will myself, include the results in the discussion section.
I would like an introduction to be written (word limit: 1500 words) and a discussion (word limit: 1800): on the following topics:
A.Explaining why the investigation was carried out

B.Stating the general field of interest and giving a brief history of previous studies;

C. Presenting (in outline only) the findings of other workers which will be challenged or developed;

D. specifying clearly the aims of the work described.

Discussion (1800):
My results showed from the bradford assay that there was a higher protein concentration in peanuts then in walnuts, and the SDS PAGE showed that there proteins bands that were present in peanut but not in walnut. I would like the following to be included in the discussion:
A. Set out the way in which the work (the three methods) fits in with, completes or perhaps differs from that of previous investigators. (Also include information from other studies, on specific proteins in peanuts that have been proposed to be involved in the allergic reaction. Also talk about the effect that roasting the nuts has on the allergic reactions from other studies).

B. You should also provide ideas in relation to future work that could be carried out to extend or clarify the conclusions based on your results. (Since I only completed the bradford assay and SDS PAGE I would like you to talk about future work involving MALDI TOF and also administering the proteins, only present in peanuts and not in walnuts, to cells of allergic patients to see if specific proteins are responsible for the allergic response, also briefly (up to 300 words) mentioning about the ethical issues involved with administering the proteins to patients.)

C. Anything else you might find useful/important that will contribute to the discussion (word limit 500)

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