Proposal Argument

Okay this is a group paper, my responsibility to write only the introduction of the paper.
(again i only need an introduction!)
Introduction (~500 words): Explains the problem. Define Incarceration. Talk about the history of incarceration as a whole. Talk about incarceration of women in other states and compare it to Oklahoma.

1) Issue: Incarceration rate of females in Oklahoma is high compared to other states.

2) Audience analysis: government, legislature of oklahoma, (Answer? from p.326).

3) Explanation of Problem: Oklahoma has the highest rate of females incarcerated in America of the 50 states. We will discuss why this is and how it can be changed.

4) Brief description of Solution: Detail of the Plan – Why should the government provide funding for a certain organization.

5) Proposal Claim: What audience thinks about the problem.

6) Reasons: Why and how women are being incarcerated, what it stems from.
How funding a certain program will fix this issue of women being incarcerated.
If we do not fund this program then the problem will get worse.
The who’s responsible about the reasons for this paper gave me these as his reasons:
– Drug offenders are the main reason of female incarceration and the phenomenon influence to communities and their family.

Proposal Argument

Audience: Using Toulmin, understanding audience is central to the success of your argument. It requires that you understand both sides of an issue, and that you present your response in an enthymeme that takes the opposing view into consideration. Your group will determine a specific audience to whom your argument is addressed. Consider constraints that can and sometimes do arise because of political views, religion, age, gender, race, and the like, and make a concerted effort to anticipate warrants based on your audience and the exigency of the topic.

Purpose: Your goal is to write an effective 8-10 page proposal based on a gender-related issue related to OU or the State of Oklahoma. It very well could be an issue that is part of a larger conversation happening nationally or globally, but you should focus on the local angle. Your audience should reflect this as well. I expect you to employ several rhetorical strategies in presenting your argument. For example, I expect you to employ causal analysis, definition, and evaluation where appropriate. Review Ch. 10 discussion on hybrid arguments. Your essay should be written from the third person point of view, and you should be acutely aware of point of view shifts. Your essay should be thesis driven. The exigency should determine and shape your thesis.

You need substantial evidence to show that a problem exists (8-10 sources with at least 4 scholarly sources). You need to define and describe the problem; however, how you describe it should be based on your audience. Illustrate the problem by applying it some way to something with which the audience can relate. Explain how your proposal responds to the exigency of the situation and be very specific about how it will solve it. Consider counter proposals, and explain how yours is a better answer. This means that a section of your paper will be dedicated to rebuttal. When you present your rebuttal, reference and cite other ineffective solutions that have been posed, and refute these with reasoned, scholarly evidence.

Your proposal should be reflective of synthesis. As you analyze, make clear connections to the texts to develop a sense of exigency to show your reader why these connections and relationships are important to think and write about. Why do these relationships matter and what happens if they are left unaddressed? Analyze your sources rhetorically, and integrate them into your argument to establish ethos, by citing them as an authority on the issue. Appeal to your audience through logos as well, which means your justification section should have at least 3 reasons that support your proposal claim. With this is mind, do not neglect examples that can draw on pathos (the empathy side), but make sure that your use of pathos is appropriate for your target audience. Images may be incorporated if they are purposeful in their inclusion.

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