Project Management Scope Statement

Consider that you have been assigned as a PM to a new project to build a new international airport in a culturally sensitive area in the American Southwest. The area has a large population who are members of the Navajo tribe of Native Americans as well as a number of archeologically significant ruins and historically significant buildings. You have a charter but it is only a very high level document ("Build an airport for $10M in 24 months"). Consider this project as you answer the following questions and develop a short scope statement that includes:

A list of some of the objectives and some of the primary deliverables for this project? That is, what objectives would you want to see as a project manager in completing a successful project. (Use your imagination here – you may interpret this scope statement as you wish – just be prepared to defend your answer.) You may want to frame your list using the construct "The airport authority requires the capability to…" to help you develop ideas.

Then answer the following questions based on your scope statement:

What stakeholders would be interested in evaluating this project?
What evaluation questions would the stakeholders ask?
Are these questions related to measures of efficiency, effectiveness or impact? (Listen to the lecture first – we are asking tactical evaluation questions – not questions about final cost or schedule.)
How could you get answers to these evaluation questions? (We haven’t discussed this yet so any creative ideas are welcome here.)

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