Program Proposal

The Program Proposal is for NATIONAL UNIVERSITY.
Utilize the concepts from the readings to address the achievement gap that you see on your campus in developing a plan for addressing the issues.

A)Review the rates of persistence, retention, and graduation rates from National University and break down by gender, ethnicity and socio-economic (if possible). Provide a brief description of those areas that stand out.

B)Review best practices, highlighted in the literature and from your personal experiences of working in higher education, to share your thoughts in addressing the issues (if there is indeed an achievement gap). Utilize a minimum of four references, a few resources are listed below, and make recommendations on developing programs/services to address the achievement gap in a program proposal format with a minimum of 500 words. Please utilize APA format.

•Ed Source
•Ed Trust
•Completion Matters
•Lumina Foundation
•College Results


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