Professional Practice And Social Responsibility

You are to produce a report on one issue or problem of particular interest or concern from one of the following theme areas:
1. IT Industry developments
2. Globalisation and its impact upon the IT industry
3. Sustainability and “Green IT”
4. Social Responsibility within the IT industry
To write a 2000 word report on one issue or problem within the IT industry. You must comment on ethical and social issues and you should consider how professional practice has influenced the area. You must place discussion of the issue or problem in the context of your career aspirations. “IT industry” covers not only organisations developing or selling IT as their main business but any deployment of IT for commercial or public sector activities – scientific or military uses are excluded. (Even if you are planning to work in a non-IT vocation (such as teaching), you must still use your career aspirations as the context for discussion.)
Your report may use a current article or news story as the starting point. In any case, you will need to undertake deep research and demonstrate critical evaluation of and clear arguments around the issue or problem you are exploring. If you provide an assessment of future impact, it is suggested that you limit yourself to a 5-year horizon.
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NOTE:2 My due date of submission is 24 monday at 10am
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