Production of Aluminium in Saudi Arabia

The task is to prepare a capstone project of two chapters about aluminium production in Saudi Arabia. Key references are provided and you can research for the rest needed. The key references are as follow:
1. Lumley, R. N 2011, Fundamentals of aluminium metallurgy: production, processing and applications, Woodhead Publishing Ltd, Cambridge, UK.
(Chapter 2 and Chapter 3)

2. Totten, G.E. and MacKenzie, D.S., 2003, Handbook of Aluminum: Vol. 1: Physical Metallurgy and Processes, Marcel Dekker, New York, US.
(Chapter 1)

You can use those references to write the about the processes in general and then focus and discuss about the technologies used in Saudi Arabia for production of both alumina and aluminium.
Other references are provided about technologies used in refining and smelting.
The task is to write about the full process of production of alumina in chapter 1, and the full process of production of primary aluminium in chapter 2. The details are as follow:
First chapter: about the production of Alumina using the Bayer alumina refinery method and its processes with focus on alumina refinery technology of the Ma’aden/Alcoa joint venture in Saudi Arabia and its features. (Some references are provided mainly from companies’ websites, I believe you might need more)

Second chapter: about the production of primary aluminium in Hall–Héroult process with focus on smelting technology (AP37 cell technology) used by Ma’aden/Alcoa joint venture. (Some references are provided but I believe you might need more)

Note: Ras Al Khair and Ras Al-Zour are the same place so don’t get confused.

Use Harvard Style referencing as provided above and make sure it is plagiarism free


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