probality distribution

Refer to the Century National Bank data set. Find the answers to the following questions and discuss your findings. Attach an Excel spreadsheet that shows all your work .
The mean account balance was computed earlier to be $1,500 (rounded), with a standard deviation of $597 (rounded). Use the normal distribution to estimate the percent of accounts with balance more than $1,900. Compare this to the actual results. Does the normal distribution yield a good approximation of the actual results?
To find the actual percentage of accounts with balance more than $1,900 (actual results) you have to count the account balances in the data set that are more than $1,900 and divide them by number of account balances in the data set.

To find the actual number of accounts with ATM transactions between 8 and 13 you have to count them in the data set.
problems are Normal distribution problems
This assignment requires the work to be done in Excel spreadsheets
use Megastat to generate the answers. There does not need to be any written information in the excel document…just the math computations.
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