primary mathematic and numeracy

In this assignment you will administer a mathematical problem to a primary-aged student (Year 3 to Year 6), and collect work samples that will be annotated and analysed in relation to the 2012 Mathematics K-10 Syllabus. As a result of your analysis you will make suggestions for future directions for your student. The purpose of this assignment is for you to act as a facilitator by administering a mathematical problem to a primary school student. By engaging with this assignment you will be making an assessment of the student’s abilities as evidenced in the work samples you collect. You will then make a professional judgement in relation to future learning experiences for that specific student. This assignment reflects the day to day activities undertaken by primary school teachers such as planning, teaching, assessing and reporting. PLEASE READ THE LEARNING GUIDE FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON ASSIGNMENT 2.

nb.basically, with this assignment it must show that a child has physically taken out the mathematics and you have analysed it. it must include the childs writing. and all the childs working out. even the script (write out word for word what has been said by the child including any prompts given by you).

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