Presidential Approval

Assignment Overview
This assignment explores presidential approval.

2 page synopsis paper

Activity Details
Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Access and read the assignment websites.
�Listed Below

Step 2: Complete Synopsis Paper.
�Presidents are more powerful when more Americans say that they are doing a good job. Presidents are less powerful when more Americans say they are doing a bad job. Although most presidents claim that they do not pay attention to the polls, it is safe to say that someone in the president�s administration does. Historically, presidents have started out with high approval ratings and then have seen their approval drop over time. How does President Obama’s approval compare with that of past presidents? Let’s go to and see. Explore these Web pages extensively.
�What is President Obama’s approval rating now? Compare President Obama’s approval over time with that of past presidents as seen here: How does President Obama’s approval compare to that of past presidents at this stage in their presidency? Why do you think President Obama has the approval ratings he has right now? Some people criticize presidents for paying too much attention to the polls. Is it important for presidents to know whether the public supports their actions or not? Why?
�Examine the current polling results for Rating Business Sectors, in the United States; these include brands, companies, and industries. Analyze the questions used to conduct the poll. To what degree do the results reflect public opinion? How do poll results influence public and presidential opinion? How does opinion, in turn, influence decision making? Poll your friends, classmates, and coworkers to determine an approval rating for President Obama. How do your results differ from those you have seen?
�Write a one page synopsis paper incorporating the answers to the questions above.

(I do not need any sources/references.)

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