Presentation and Meetings

1. Unit 14 Assignment
Attached Files:
Chapter 14 Top Ten PPT.pptx (9.953 MB)
Chapter 14 Key Learnings Word Document.doc (30.5 KB)
(Click the bolded “Unit 14 Assignment” title above to access the attached documents.)
Chapter 14 Presentations and Meetings
Select your top ten “key learnings” from chapter 14. Save the attached PowerPoint template, and record your top ten items on the slides. Save your work, and attach your edited PowerPoint as your assignment submission this week.
The format calls for you to put your name on Slide 1 and then to type in a quote, the page number, and an explanation of why the quote is meaningful to you on each of the next 10 slides.
I hope you will find editing the PowerPoint a little more enjoyable than just typing up a report. I look forward to viewing your presentations.
If for some reason you do not have access to PowerPoint, then you may type your response in the Word document that is attached. Download it, record your responses, save it, and submit it.
(Be sure to click the “View/Complete Assignment: Unit 14 Assignment” link to access the attached PowerPoint and Word templates.) the PowerPoint is already download.

2. Presentations and Meetings
What is your pet peeve when it comes to meetings? What bad meeting management practice bothers you most?

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