Present a short defense of your position on each issue and how the law supports artists rights (or not).

Based on your research and discussion activities this week on File Sharing and Artists Royalties and Compensation for Online Music sales, propose a new law covering Global Internet sales (a hypothetical international law) which will help protect artist rights and ability to be compensated for creative works. Your new law needs to address these issues:1. Artists Royalties and Compensation for Music Downloads and Streaming, both for performance and composition,
2. File Sharing law. Assume you are not bound by existing US or International regulations, but take into consideration the differences in US and European compensation and protection policies as they exist today. This law should be well written in a simple, easy to read form (no legalese needed) and should be short and to the point. You need to cite any materials you use from your research.
3. Defend your choices, based on your research and discussion of this topic this week, describing how this law is fair to all parties – artists, online Music distributors and/or record companies, as well as consumers. References to existing law or other research should be included.

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