Prepare a presentation document that identifies major stakeholders in global health. Include international bodies, nongovernmental organizations, national efforts, foundations, and others that contribute to global health. What are their relative strengths and weaknesses?

Discussion 1.2: International Health Regulations What are the International Health Regulations? To whom do they apply? Why? What purpose do they fulfill? Are they successful? 150 words Paper 1.1: Policy Briefing The Honorable Mary Canary has been appointed Ambassador to the UN. Prepare a briefing for her on the importance of global health security. In the briefing, define global health, identify issues in global health, and explain their relevance. Additionally, use this briefing to identify and highlight a current issue in global health and a specific nation (other than your home nation) in which it is occurring; the issue and the nation you select will be explored throughout this and subsequent courses. Remember to use and cite credible sources when identifying your global health issue. Include basic information on the region affected, the history of the issue, its prevalence, and the long-term implications. The briefing should be at least 3 pages in length. Presentation 1.2: Stakeholders Based on your successful briefing to Ambassador Canary, she is considering proposing a major global health initiative to address the issue you identified in your policy briefing. The Ambassador is concerned, however, that any proposal will not involve the parties necessary to ensure success. How do they interact?

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