Powerpoint Presentation

Assignment Powerpoint Presentation

‘Create a resource for your work in Public Health by creating a powerpoint presentation; Whilst utilising all of the digital creativity you can gather. It is important to remember that assessment will be based on the appropriateness of your content and the clarity of your discussion.’

The presentation your create that show how ‘Indigenised’ praxis within public health might be implemented. In particular, note:
• Systemic opportunities for, and barriers to, such a process.
• How a health professional – and their service – can engage more effectively with, both, individual Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and Indigenous organisations/communities to promote improved health and well-being

Some points of clarification

• You must use the presenter notes for each slide.

• 20 slides.

• It is not a poster presentation.

• Demonstrate your understanding of the topic with a clearly delivered and well researched articulation of the significance of the social determinants of Indigenous health integrated throughout your presentation.

• Please put your reference list at the end of your presentation ie. slide 21

• “be sure to insert the presenter notes into the presentation-your own thoughts, reflections, critical analysis” an academic assignment that must be supported with reference to the literature as per usual.

Assessment criteria
Your presentation will be assessed against the following criteria:

• Provide a lucid introduction that describes how you approach the question and how it is structured
• Define clear aims or hypotheses
• Develop a coherent argument based on evidence from relevant sources
• Clearly answer all parts of the question
• Show evidence of reading beyond the core and recommended reading
• Provide a conclusion that summarises how you approached the question and what you have concluded
• Justify any conclusions reached with well-formed arguments not merely assertion.
• Comply with normal academic standards of legibility, referencing and bibliographical details.
• Present clearly with accurate spelling, grammar and sentence and paragraph construction.

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