Your essay must contain at least five references, three of which must be books or scholarly articles (these can include items from the reader). The essay must be typed double-spaced with generous margins and a cover page which shows what topic you have chosen. As always, pages must be numbered. Quotations must be referenced and linked to a bibliography in accordance with a recognised style guide. Plagiarism from the web or any other source will attract a mark of zero in this assignment and lead to expulsion from the University. And the topic is Choose an item of contemporary popular culture that you think is representative of ‘a disappearance of the great split’ (Easthope) between established high and low culture preoccupations, issues and values.” Discuss in depth with reference to the analysis and ideas employed by Anthony Easthope (in the chapter “High Culture/Popular Culture:

Heart of Darkness and Tarzan of the Apes”) You must refer also to at least two other academic articles examining popular culture theory.

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