Politics. Challenges to the state. Compare France and England

Step 1: State your research question – What is the ‘puzzle’ you are trying to solve? And answer the SO WHAT question – why is this question/problem/case/comparison interesting and important?
It is important to justify your choice of cases – why are they interesting to compare?
Step 2: Review the existing literature on the subject
NB: LR should not summarise relevant books. Organise literature (into groups where appropriate) into how others have answered this RQ i.e. alternative approaches and alternative answers to your research question and why their answers are inadequate.
Step 3: Give some brief historical or larger theoretical background
Step 4: Articulate your thesis statement – your overarching argument that you will be putting forward in response to your RQ
Step 5: Outline your argument by stating your supporting hypothesis
Step 6: Outline your research design – the approach you will be taking to resolve the question

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