Policy Formulation/Enactment Analysis (USA PATRIOT Act)

1. Problem Statement: Analyze the status quo: what specific ?problems? is the policy
designed to address? How is the proposed policy designed to ?improve? the status quo.

2. Agenda Setting: Employing either Downs? ?issue attention cycle? or Kingdon?s ideas on
agenda setting and policy alternatives indicate how the proposal achieved public attention.

3. ?Goals? Analysis: Select one of the five ?goals? that Deborah Stone presents in her
analysis, i.e., equity, efficiency, security, welfare and/or liberty, and show how your issue
generates conflict between different interpretations of the goal.

4. ?Solution? analysis: Select one or more of the ?solutions? that Deborah Stone mentions
in her analysis, i.e., inducements, rules, facts, rights, and/or powers, and show how the
proposals for reform suggested around your issue adopt the ?solutions? described by Stone.
5. Interest Aggregation:

(5a) Employing Wilson’s cost-benefit typology, analyze the social distribution of costs and
benefits produced by the status quo on the one hand and that are promised by the
proposed policy on the other. Identify impacted parties. Based on the typology,
identify the political strategies and potential impact of the groups organized in
support or opposition?

(5b) ?Problem? analysis (Analyzing the strategic presentation of material):
Based on the strategic use of ?problems? that Deborah Stone mentions in her
analysis, i.e., symbols, numbers, causes, interests, and/or decisions, and show how the
proponents and opponents around your issue employ different arguments to make their

6. Policy Formulation/Enactment: Analyze the connections between the interest
aggregation phase and the policy formulation process. Employing decision-making
models, analyze the politics of policy formulation and enactment.

7. Self-Critique
Evaluate the paper as an outside reader. Identify weaknesses in the analysis.


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