Plastic bottle holder ENTERING UK MARKET

Individual Report 70% total grade Due 7th of April 2014 2400 Words
Marketing product from group report
Imagine you are the marketing manager for the above product. You have been presented with the research, the market entry and the marketing strategies. Your job now is to develop a marketing/promotional plan for launching the product into this market.
Do you agree with the strategies?
If you do agree and wish to go straight on to produce the plan that is fine.
Do you disagree? Or will you alter it/them in some way?
If so, you must say why you disagree (on what basis – backed up with your research) and Which market entry strategy/marketing plan you prefer, how you will alter it, and why (your justification). Be sure to state your defined market (geo/demo/psycho-graphic, etc). You will need to include your communication message(s), timings (for example a calendar or Gantt chart of your plans) and a rough costing or budget for your activities. Your report should cover an 18-24 month time period.

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