Planned Parenthood v. Casey

In Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992), Justice O’Connor’s majority opinion alludes to the idea that Roe has shaped the lives of women for the past 20 years. 1) Thoroughly discuss and elaborate her argument why this is the case. 2) Should O’Connor’s argument about the influence of precedent, especially in such a highly charged issue like abortion, play a role in how the Supreme Court adjudicates decisions? 3) What did O’Connor rule was the central holding of Roe? What is the new standard/test the Court uses to adjudicate abortion claims (i.e. what replaced the trimester framework). 4) What is Justice Scalia’s argument about how abortion should be adjudicated in the U.S.? 5) Lastly, whose position do you agree with? How do you believe

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