Pipe Ceremony

Prepare an informational brochure/ flyer on one medicine or ceremony. the brochure written content must be equivalent of 6 pages paper(12 point font, 1.5 spaces, 1 inch margins paper). pictures are expected but in addition to the written information.

– Organize the information as an informative brochure/flyer, layout is ur choice, include references (where you got the information, where one could look for further information if you find a good source).

**include your name as the author name( use Sam or tell me when to change it )

for the medicine you research, include all information, such as but not limited to:
. English name, Anishnabe/Native language name.
. Plant family.
. Who used this medicine (tribes/nations)
. Where it grows (in north America, other parts of the world).
.Who//what it is used for:healing purpose
. What is it looks like.
.When, where, how to harvest.
. How to prepare it for use as a medicine.
. Cautions: are there recommend avoidances?
. Anything else of interest.

*If you select a ceremony to research, include all the information, such as:(which i picked the pipe ceremony)

.English name, Anishnabe/Native language name.
. Where its done, by who and how often.
. What is its healing purpose.
. Who is it for.
. What is it looks like (what is it used,what is the process, what it involves)
. Anything else interest.

** Use the files i upload most importantly its from the teacher slides and email me if you need any more information.

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