Persuasive speech about Bilingual Education (5-7min)

my thesis: with the united states becoming of the most diverse countries in the world that willingly accepts immigrants, it is important for students to learn a second language other than english.

talk about how important it is to know a second language for jobs and how it will open a lot of opportunities specially for students in college and how it looks good on their resumes: list at least 3 advantages as main points. talk about how people that know more than language are known for being smarter.

make sure thats its 5-7 minutes long.
Mention 3 outside sources

you can use the same thesis statement or change it to something similar. The first sentence has to be an attention getter.

In the conclusion include a summary, an opinion and a closing thought.

and please make sure that the sources are valid. & do not use big words.
Thank you

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