Persuasive Paper Part 1: A Problem Exists

You have to use this paper again to revise the paper thanks and I have also added the instructions call me if you need any questions to ask thanks. The Influence of Problem Based Learning for Technical Students
The topic of this research proposal will be concerning the problems based learning for technical students. The reasons why I picked this topic are very important in the academic life of technical students today. They are:
• Technical students fin d it difficult to apply the theoretic work they learn in class.
• Group work is not encouraged amongst technical students.
The major characteristics of my audience include:
• They are bored and disinterested students
• They are technical students who lack concentration and decision making power
• They are unable to contribute in group works
This research paper targets the technical students and the challenges they face in the learning process.
The research questions in this proposal include:
• What teaching methods influence the learning of technical students.
• How do teaching methods impact efficiency and productivity in the work place?
• What is the relationship between teaching methods and the team work spirit?
This research will use the diagnostic method since it I s already aware of an existing social problem and will try to find out the relationships between causes of lack of technical graduate students per forming efficiently at places of work and present diagnostic actions.
The research methods to be used include:
• Observation
• Discussion groups
• Questionnaires
• Interviews
The primary sources to be used in this research include:
• Books
• Journals
Official Documents
The secondary sources to be used in this research include:
• Questionnaires
• Group Discussions
• Interviews

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