Personal Development 40 Mid Term – Research Assignment

Class on Personal Development
Book: Textbook: Becoming A Master Student -14th edition , Dave Ellis, Houghton Mifflin Company
ISBN 13:978-1-111-827533
For Chapters 6 – Test, 7 Thinking and 8 Communicating, read each chapter to access your current skill level for Test, Thinking and Communicating, each of these personal tools are essential to your personal, academic and career success.
Mid Term – Research Assignment
Personal Development 40
Career planning involves continuous planning, explorations and a vision.
In essay format select a career that you find an interest I; state why you have a particular interest in the selected career and in full detail describe the path you will follow to meet the educational requirement as well as the needed preparation for the career.
“What will your home be to meet your “Career” goal?
Your essay should include the short and long term goals that will require strategic planning. Will you have to re-locate, is your career selection, jobs availability, across all states, regions?

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