Paper instructions:

A. Each paper should be submitted as a Word file. Do not submit in odt or other formats because the papers are checked by and this program will not read these formats. Use 12 pt. Arial font in Normal style with 1.25 inch right and left margins and 1 inch top and bottom margins. Double space the paper and left justify.

B. Plagiarism will result in a failing grade for the course. You may not copy any work by anyone else or have anyone else write the paper for you. You may not submit work that you did for other courses. The originality score given by is used to monitor plagiarism but other information may be used to determine whether or not the paper is the original work of the student who has submitted it.

D. Grading Rubric: Each paper will be evaluated using four criteria
1) Organizational structure – 25 points.  Is the paper logically organized?  Are ideas cogently presented and explained?  Is the writing convincing?  Does the writing sustain interest?
2) Writing style – 25 points.  Is the writing original and provocative? Does the paper have a professional tone? Does the paper satisfy the requirements in the syllabus?
3)  Analysis – 25 points.  Does the paper take and support a position?  Is the analysis reasonable?
4)  Grammar, punctuation, spelling and syntax – 25 points.  Is the writing grammatically correct?  Are words spelled correctly?  Is word choice correct for the context of the sentence? : 300 word limit, must relate to story or editorial in WSJ–include date, headline and page number of article, city where writer is located.

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