Outsource or insource R&D

Case Study #3: Feed R&D – or Farm it out? Each student is to submit an extended analysis of this case by Nitin Nohria et al. HBR JulAug 2005. Case Study # 3

• Review the strategic issues presented in the case.

• Discuss the key issues management needs to consider in deciding whether to support an in-house R&D function or outsource all Research & Development.

• Discuss the implications of outsourcing R&D for middle managers.

Some additional information that should be included:
•An in-depth discussion of the pros and cons of in-house/outsourcing of the R&D capability including the input of the “experts”
•A definitive recommendation based on your analysis of the strategic issues and the pros and cons of in-house/outsourcing of the R&D capability.
•A discussion of the senior management issues presented and appropriate recommendations
•Submit the paper in an appropriate APA format

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