outline, table, annotated bibliography

first of all, the work will be in two stages: in this order I need just the outline, table, annotated bibliography. After I get the prove from my teacher, I will order the 10 pages research report. Now, the research report is Edward Hall has discuss how humans have adapted to changes in their environments by managing their cultural extensions. Cultural extensions occur when human societies go beyond their current knowledge and create new cultural forms (both social and technological). Human cultural extensions are the foundations for creativity and innovation. You can find references in the literature by Hall which explain human cultural extensions in more detail.

You have recently been promoted to a position in research and development of a global organization. You have been asked by the vice president of global development to prepare a research report on the relationship between human cultural extensions and creativity and innovation. For this assignment, your eventual deliverable will be to develop a10 pages executive research report on the selected/assigned problem by the end of the first week of Unit 5. You will work on this assignment in stages, beginning in Unit 4 and completing the research report in Unit 5.
1.To develop this assignment in Unit 4, you will develop a DETAILED outline for the research report.
2.You will also develop a table (meta-analysis) which will summarize the literature findings from your research.
3.The third deliverable in Unit 4 is an annotated bibliography of the sources you used in your table.
4.The outline, table, and annotated bibliography will be used to prepare the final draft of the research report in Unit 5.

Use the OC Program Executive Research Report Guide (I will attach it) to develop and write your report. Submit your completed outline, meta-analysis table, and annotated bibliography on a Word file. The final draft of the research report will be submitted in Unit 5.

A professional research report has the following requirements:
1.It is prepared for a specific purpose, intended to assist leaders of an organization, community, or nation to make informed decisions and/or policies related to an issue, problem, or situation they are facing.
2.It should have a problem statement which clearly and specifically defined the focus of the research report.
3.The scientific method, in which the researcher investigates the influence of an independent variable (i. e., executive compensation) on a dependent variable (i. e., corporate profits), is an appropriate approach to investigating the problem. Other worthwhile research designs and methods may be used with the permission of the professor.
4.Methods for collecting and gathering information to support or not support the problem statement (i. e., investigate the influence of the IV on the DV) may be qualitative or quantatitive, or both.
5.Regardless of the method used, the data must account for sampling bias and extraneous variables (influences not included in the IV or DV)
6.The entire report must be professionally developed and written in a manner which will interest and engage the leaders who requested the research report
the research report is

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