Please answer questions 1 and 2 and provide a review on osteoporosis.

1. A skeleton was found in a wooded area. It was brought to a forensic medicine laboratory for identification. The first thing the coroner did was determine the age, sex, and possible size of the person. What was examined in order to get this information?

2. Alice and James adopted a 3-year-old child from a developing country. They noticed that her legs were bowed and there were some deformities in her cranial and pelvic bones. They brought her to a physician for a diagnosis. What was the diagnosis? What would the treatment be? Are there natural treatment options and if so what would they be?

One Page is fine for this above!….

Also please write a research review on the topic on Osteoporosis

Research Review:
Use the Internet to find three research papers supporting Osteoporosis. Use the virtual library pages below. Using Pubmed.

Research must be dated in the past 24 months.

For each research paper, note:

The study subjects (People? Tissue? Animals?)
How the subjects were selected. (Random? Already suffering from an ailment? Children? Elderly?)
The size of the study
The length of the study
The study methodology
The results
The authors/researchers conclusions
Your own thoughts/analysis of the results
How the study results fit with other studies: Are they the same? Similar? Opposite? What differences in the design of the study could have impacted the results?
How could the study have been improved?
Any other issues/comments/thoughts this task raised for you
Provide the source also from:
Marieb. N. E & Hoehn, K. (2010). Human Anatomy & Physiology. Benjamin Cummings: 8th edition.

provide the source from: Marieb. N. E & Hoehn, K. (2010). Human Anatomy & Physiology. Benjamin Cummings: 8th edition.

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