organization/industry/business/service Hardware Store

Topic should be

1) you can select any Hardware Store on your own for this assignment

2) you should not copy the google images for the app you need to build the app using the the software given

3) dont copy anything from the ppt that i have uploded, the ppt uploded is the
assigiment 1 now you need to slove the assigiment 2

4) you need to put task hedding and numbers according to the marking criteria

5) i have highlighted in yellow color please check

6) you need to flow the marking criteria which i have uploaded

7) need to create is to make a mock-up app you can use any software or i have given license key for that recommended software in the question file
please install the application and build the application

software :
key: eJzzzU/OLi0odswsqnHPyU9KzFHwzEvLL8pNLMnMz1MIriwuSc0tVgg uKUosSU2vVDAyMDSrMTSxMDA3sLAwAIGakBpDAH9vF3M=

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