Organizational Psychology

You have just been hired as the new staff reporter at your local newspaper. For your first assignment, your managing editor has tasked you with writing a 2–paragraph, brief editorial to a once widely publicized, nationally recognized news event of your choosing that may have been forgotten about by the public but has recently been resolved. As an editorial, this piece will appear in the Opinion section of the newspaper and does not necessarily reflect the views of the entire newspaper staff or organization. For example, was there a murder trial that dragged on in the court system for 10 years, and a verdict has just been reached? In your opinion, how was procedural, informational, interpersonal, and/or distributive justice (or any combination of the four) upheld in this particular situation? The purpose of the news brief will be to not only relate the outcome of the news event to your readers; it will offer your opinion of how justice was upheld. To complete the assignment, think about your exposure to the news media (whether television news, online news, the newspaper, radio, or other medium), and recall one such real, widely publicized news event. If the news event has been resolved, offer your opinion of how a type of justice was upheld. If the news event has not been resolved, then you may write a hypothetical resolution, in which justice was upheld, in your opinion. The first paragraph of your opinion piece should contain the following information/answer the following questions: A brief description of the real news event When did it occur? Why was it such a widely publicized event? The second paragraph should contain the following information/answer the following questions: A brief description of either the real or made-up resolution to the news event Who was affected by the resolution? Why? What is the current status of the case, or what is happening now? What is your opinion of what type of justice was upheld, and for whom justice was upheld? If you use a news source for information on a real news event, please be sure to document the source using American Psychological Association (APA) format. Your editorial should be of professional quality—well-written, grammatically correct, and proofread for spelling errors—before you submit it to your editor for review.

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