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Quintessentially, some people assume that, organic food does not provide a significant nutritional benefit than conventionally produced food. With an increasing concern about the dangers of food we consume, there has been an increase of organic food in an alarming rate. Conventional farming has been in existence for more than 100 centuries, and up-to-date it has been the most prosperous industries globally. After researching on studies published in the last 50years, this paper concludes that, there are no adequate evidences that consumption of organic food is beneficial with nutrient content.

Background information

The problem discussed in this study is the health effects of organic food and conventional food. While there are many researches that highlight the benefits of organic food, there are no clear evidences of whether eating organic food is beneficial. It said that, many people opt for conventional food because they enhanced with nutrients that many organic products miss. Organic food grows from pure soil and instead of using insecticides or pesticides, organic farmers utilize helpful insects, birds, and fungicides to decrease pests and diseases. Conventional farming authorizes farmers to use precise chemical products to deter waste pollutants. Farmers use chemical fertilizers to increase plant growth and protect crops from mold, insects, and diseases. In the article, no health benefits from organic food, Dr Dangour argue that, there is a slight distinction in nutrient content that exist between organic food and conventional food. The article continues to affirm that, the use of pesticides does not cause unacceptable risks and effects to human health. Instead, it easily increase health benefits as pesticides are assessed and monitored. The findings of the article were further criticized in that; conventional crops contain a high amount of nitrogen that is a public health hazard for cancer. In response to this, the International Centre for research in organic food affirms that organic diet may enhance health benefits attributed by the findings of the study on rats that organic food alters the immune status. With these remarks, this paper reflects on giving accurate information about organic food and conventional food.

Research questions and Rationale

  1. Is Organic food no better than conventionally produced food?

This is a weighty question to pursue because it will help us understand the important differences between conventional and organic produced food.


This research requires gathering appropriate data from compiling literature review to analyze and arrive at a complete understanding on health effects of organic and conventional produced food. The research hopes to shed light on the fact that; organic food is no better than conventionally produced food. The research will utilize both qualitative and quantitative data collections. However, the research will be rooted on qualitative data position that affirms that, there are no evidence to prove that organic food is healthier and better than conventional food. The final essay will be developed by compiling the health benefits of conventional with organic food, and later evaluate, which has more health benefits.

Expected goals

The research will investigate the effects of organic food products and compare with conventional food. The expected goal of the project will be to provide a discussion about organic and conventional food that in turn, will provide facts on the most preferable in enhancing health benefits.


The implication of this study will be wide reaching. Based on previous studies done, I expect to make a conclusion that, there are no evidences to prove that organic food is healthier and better than conventional food. Therefore, the research will conclude that there is a slight difference between the two farming.


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