OPNET & Wireless expert is required

Full Requirement in attached file Assignment-792484x.pdf

Task 11: View the Results and analyze the results
1. Select Compare Results from the Result menu.
2. Change the drop-down menu in the lower-right part of the Compare Results dialog box from As Is to time_average ; Select the Delay (sec) statistic from the Wireless LAN hierarchy.
3. Click Show to show the result in a new panel.
4. Go to the Compare Results dialog box ; Follow the same procedure to show the graphs of the following statistics from the Wireless LAN hierarchy: Load (bits/sec) and Throughput (bits/sec).
5. Go to the Compare Results dialog box ; Expand the Object Statistics hierarchy ; Expand the Office Network hierarchy ; Expand the hierarchy of two nodes. One node should have PCF enabled in the DCF_PCF scenario (e.g., node_3) and the other node should have PCF disabled (e.g., node_2) ; Show the result of the Delay (sec) statistic for the chosen nodes.
6. Repeat Step 5 above but for the Retransmission Attempts (packets) statistic.
7. Close all graphs and the Compare Results dialog box ; Save your project.

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