A nurse posts a number of photographs on the Internet of the 85th birthday celebration of a client. A number of other clients are also clearly visible in the photographs. A family member of one of the other clients lodges a complaint. It is your responsibility to deal with this matter. What are the factors that you need to consider in dealing with this situation? What implications may be posed for future action?

Please use the below rubric to write the paper because this is what i will be marked on. Thanks


Substantive content
– the concerns to be addressed are clearly identified.
-potential strategies for resolving the concerns identified are explored from a variety of prespectives
-an action plan, including three or four priority actions and rationale for their selection, is developed to address the concerns identified.

Scholarly Presentation
-critical analysis and synthesis of ideas is evident throughout the paper
-the paper draws on source beyond the course textbook (eg. online journal, datatbases and internet resources)

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