Guidelines with Scoring Rubric
The purpose of this assignment is for the student to learn to assimilate, analyze, critique, and summarize original research articles. In other words, select a report of a single, original study.
Through this assignment, the student will
1. Conduct a systematic search of relevant databases to find research-based evidence related to a nursing problem (CO 2);
2. Construct a summary table of four peer-reviewed quantitative single original studies, indicating the purpose, sample, design/level of evidence, findings, and limitations of each (CO 3); and
3. Summarize the findings of the four studies as a whole (CO 3).

Preparing the Table
Conduct a PICO(T) search on a nursing problem related to your practice setting (HOMECARE IS MY SETTING). Select the four most recent peer-reviewed studies that describe original research in a single study (do not select a meta-analysis, systematic review of research, or integrative literature review). Refer to the Types of Articles Found in the Nursing and Healthcare document in Doc Sharing to make sure that you are using the correct document.

Construct a table summarizing the four most credible and recent studies, using the Research Summary template on the next page (also found in Doc Sharing). Analyze each article and provide the following information in brief format: purpose of the study; type of sample and number of participants; design of the study, along with the level of evidence; findings of the study; and limitations of the study.

Briefly (4-6 pages) summarize the results of the four studies as a whole. Follow this outline:

I. In a short paragraph, restate your research question and describe your search strategy. (10 points)
II. Describe the designs used in the studies that you are providing. Where do these studies fall on the Levels of Evidence table in Lessons 1 & 2? (20 points)
III. Based on these studies, what are the findings? What is the answer to the research question? Do the studies fail to answer the question, and if so, why not? (10 points)
IV. Comment on how the sample was selected and on the number of participants. Are they adequate? Why or why not? (10 points)
V. Overall, what are the limitations of the study, and how can these limitations be overcome in subsequent studies? (10 points)
VI. Based on these findings, is the evidence that you found on your topic strong enough to suggest a change in practice or an idea for practice? Please provide a rationale for your answer. (10 points)

Provide your references, formatted in APA style, after the summary. Include the DOI number for each article. Submit a pdf of each article you have chosen for this assignment.

Research Summary Table (template provided in separate document)
Student Name: ___________________

Author (year) Purpose Sample/Number of Participants (provide descriptive statistics) Design Level of Evidence Findings (provide any inferential statistics) Limitations
Study 1
Study 2
Study 3
Study 4

Instructions for setting up your paper in APA 6th ed format.
Look at the example document for this assignment. Start your paper as you would other APA 6th ed format professional papers. Copy and paste the table into your APA paper. This should allow your paper to remain in a vertical format. Your paper should be one document.

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