Not-for-profit organizations sometimes pay huge salaries to CEOs. Would you be in favor of limiting CEO and other executive level salaries as part of the requirements for being granted not-for-profit status? Explain the reasoning behind your opinion.

Please address each of the following issues in a separate paragraph or two, with each response identified by the corresponding number of the issue you are addressing. Your responses should reflect issues you have studied in the first four chapters, and must be your own work. If you do incorporate other sources, be sure to clearly identify them as such. Please DO NOT include the questions; just number your responses appropriately. All submissions are expected to be college level work, with appropriate spelling, grammar, formatting, etc., and must be submitted in .doc or .docx format
1. We examined various internal and external stakeholders. The economic concept of scarcity infers that if a company uses resources to fund local arts organizations, those funds cannot be used as dividends to stockholders (or vice versa). What balance do you should be generally be sought between the profit motive and various philanthropic efforts as regards a for-profit company?

3. Visit . (Copy and paste if need be.) Provide a list of the current members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, and identify who is the Chair.
4. Read both articles linked below, (Copy the addresses and paste into your browser), then tell me which insurance policies you believe you would need if you were the sole proprietor of a lawn care business. Remember, coverage is great, but it isnt free, so you will need to keep in mind the costs of well as the benefits.- Get business insurance – Business insurance protects you from the unexpected costs of running a business. Accidents, natural disasters, and lawsuits could run you out of business if youre not protected with the right insurance. – 7 Types of Insurance You Need to Protect Your Business –

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