Introduction with problem. Your introduction will give an example of why this is a problem in need of a solution.
Solution. This includes your thesis sentence as well as the points you are going to make in this essay.
Development of solution. This part of the essay is why your solution will work for the problem you have introduced. Make sure all of your points are covered, and make sure you have given examples and illustrations for all of them.
Refutation. Every solution will have objections to it. There will be people who will not agree with your perspective (otherwise we wouldn’t need to be trying to persuade them, would we?). This section of the essay requires that you respectfully consider their point of view and show them why your solution will work.
Conclusion. This part of the essay must be as strong and clear as the introduction. Again, you are going to give your solution to the problem you have raised, you are going to summarize the points you have made, and the reasons why your solution should be adopted, and you are going to leave the reader with a clear vision of what you want him/her to see or do as a result of your essay.

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