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Hi, Thanks for emailing…basically, take an issue like whether you think online dating sites are good or bad for the world today, they could be both good and bad, too.  The idea is to present an argument or make a case that supports your overall thoughts/opinion on the matter.  For example, I would write something like this…


Online dating has become a normal part of everyday life these past 10 – 15 years, or so.  In a way, it is just a modern response to an age old process called “matchmaking.”  Way back in ancient times matchmakers would be called upon by families to insure that men and women would meet and marry a suitable life-partner.  Often, the children, or would-be bride and groom, would have no say in who was chosen for them.  This still persists in certain cultures even today.


The world has changed so much.  Now, with our globalized world, there is no small village or family unit to help people choose their future spouse.  Indeed, most young people today would sooner die than to be partnered up with someone their family may have suggested.  In fact, very few actually stay in the communities where they grew up, so how can they even begin to meet, get to know, and marry that girl or boy next door?  Enter online matchmaking.  You too can look anywhere in the world for a potential partner and you can base it on many criteria.  Naturally, and it does not matter whether you are willing to admit it or not, the initial attraction is based upon a look.  Sure, once you get to know someone they may or may not be the person you had hoped, but at least you have a chance to sift through many many people before settling on Mr. or Miss Right.


Anyway, I would write more, but hopefully you get the idea…This took me about 6 minutes to write…so hopefully it helps you to get over the hump and work it through.  Remember, it need only be 1 page….2 is great, but only 1 is required.  By the way, see how I NEVER even once used “I” or “I think” or “In my opinion?”


Thanks.  I will check my email again later, too.

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