No Impact Man

10 sources. While the focus of No Impact Man is on Colin and his family, and they are the “main characters” of this nonfiction work, there is one other element that is arguably just as important: the experiment itself. Throughout the work, Colin notes various people’s perspectives and reactions to the project; some are positive, while many are negative. For this particular topic, you will need to decide first what your opinion of the experiment is overall; do you feel it is a worthwhile exercise that has the ability to implement change, or do you think that it lacks the capability to influence others?
After you establish your opinion, you will need to use a variety of sources, all of which will provide different perspectives of the experiment, to explain and support your opinion. Be careful not to confuse one’s perspective of Colin and his family with one’s perspective of the experiment; the focus of the essay needs to be how you and others feel about the steps taken in the experiment. Some sources you might want to investigate are critiques of the project from an environmentalist’s standpoint, as well as possible moments in history when change was implemented in a similar fashion. No matter how you might feel about the experiment, you must remain respectful in your discussion and analysis.

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