My Passion for Engineering



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My Passion for Engineering

            For anyone to be successful at what they are doing, they ought to love what they are doing. This love will act as a driving force toward achieving the goals that one has set. However, it is more fulfilling if one does what they like doing best. This way, passion will drive them to achieve more, and move to greater heights. Passion for anything does not come easy. This is why one person might be passionate about something that another person hates passionately. Passion in doing anything is therefore a privilege, and it is spectacular. I therefore, must admit how privileged I am to have passion for something. This is electrical engineering. I love everything about electrical engineering, and I believe that my future in electrical engineering is promising. I am driven by passion in my studies, and I believe my love for electrical engineering will continue to benefit me in many different ways, now and in future (Anderson 33).

I remember my childhood period when I grew up as a curious child, wanting to know everything I had no idea of. I would watch my father repair electronics, including light bulbs, and I would get interested in knowing why the appliances had stopped working, and how they were fixed. I am thankful that my father was patient with the stubborn me, and always took delight in offering me detailed explanations of how he had fixed the appliances. This was instrumental, as almost every day; I would learn a new thing. I grew up with this curiosity and inquisitiveness, and I am glad this helped me get a lot of information about new things and concepts.

When I was of considerable age, I learnt that my passion for electrical engineering was real. I remember telling my parents one evening that I would study electrical engineering when I grow up. My father did not object, he patted me on the back and affirmed that that was my thing. From that moment, I became focused on electrical engineering. When I joined the electrical engineering class, I knew I was in the right place. Getting good grades and passing examinations is not easy, but when you have passion for what you are learning, this becomes a little more easy and pleasurable. Knowing that I am studying a course that will help me know more about the world, and that each day I will be looking forward to learning something new, increases the urge in me to know more, to comprehend an extra concept, and excel in electrical engineering. Therefore, my hard work, dedication, and passion for this course will ultimately take the world and me to the engineering standards that we aspire in future.

All study courses are important in the world today. However, I believe that electrical engineering plays a special role and holds a special place in the global economy today. This is why I admire the prominent dedicated electrical engineers in this country. I have always stopped to think and imagine how the world would be, if electrical engineers never existed, or if they suddenly gave up their roles. Afterwards, I figure out that if all electrical engineers were to vanish from the world one day, many of the things people depend on would become non-existent or would suddenly stop working. This has always given me the pride to be an electrical engineer in the making. Thus, I am a motivated person, knowing that I am on the right track to my profession, and to a fulfilling future.

Electrical engineering is responsible for shaping talented individuals to become successful electrical engineers. The electrical engineers hold a special place in society today. For instance, these influence the work of mechanics and electricians, by ensuring everything, including things such as circuits, is in place, before the mechanics and electricians start working gadgets, vehicles, among other electrical appliances. In addition, many homes, offices, malls, hospitals, schools, among others need an electrical engineer to ensure that everything runs as intended. Electrical engineers generally provide important services in society, which ensure that all the people are safe, and are able to perform their jobs under safe conditions. Ever come to think about this, if electrical engineers did not perform their jobs well, then most of the electrical appliances people use in their homes, gadgets in homes, vehicles, and systems, among others, would be unsafe. Electrical systems are risky to the less knowledgeable; therefore, without the expertise of electrical engineers today, what would the world become? (Bernstein 28).

The high diversification of electrical engineering makes it fascinating. Different electrical engineers specialize in different fields. Electrical engineers are involved in the manufacture of lasers, hybrid cars, satellite TV, the internet, and cell phones. These technologies have made life better and have increased efficiency. Electrical engineering has contributed highly to the creation of the contemporary virtual world, where different people are able to connect in chat rooms through the internet.  Electrical engineering also features in the field of medicine. Electrical engineers here develop NMR machines, pacemakers for dysfunctional hearts, and ultrasonic diagnostic devices used to detect tumours. Electrical engineers also develop communication gadgets for astronauts in space, and other dangerous expeditions. These are also responsible for the production of a variety of personal and household items, ranging from electronic watches to iPods, among others. Nonetheless, the work of various electrical engineers contributes a lot to making life more comfortable today. They also increase the safety level in society, with regard to electrical systems. All these can be linked to the increased productivity in various spheres of the world today, and a higher standard of living observed among different people today (Bernstein 56).

There are many advantages of being an electrical engineer. Since this is a highly diversified discipline, one has the advantage of travelling the world. This is because of the vast opportunities for electrical engineers in different regions across the world. Therefore, my electrical engineering degree will grant me this opportunity for mobility and flexibility in my profession. Unlike other professions whose employment opportunities depend on the economic environment, electrical engineers are more likely to be hired even in times of economic breakdown. With electrical engineering, I will have the opportunity to work in a wide range of electrical engineering sub-fields (McDavid and Echaore-McDavid 96).

What may seem like a challenge in electrical engineering, I find it appealing to me. This is the fact that each day, one has to learn new concepts, learn new processes that are sometimes sophisticated, and learn to adapt to new technologies. Therefore, electrical engineering presents me with a new challenge each day, and this has worked for my good, as it increases my interest in more engineering knowledge, as this is the vital time I am investing in my future.

Apart from my passion for electrical engineering, my decision to pursue this course was also motivated by my desire to see more advancement in the world technology. Comparing the historical times with limited technology, with the level of technology today, I am always left to wonder what the world would look like, if more technological advances were adopted today. Being the creative person I am, I believe in my engineering capabilities, and that I can be part of the engineering team that will improve the electrical engineering processes of the world in the near future. Therefore, today I take my studies seriously, so that I can use my knowledge in engineering to influence the world.


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