My Life Story



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My Life Story

            There are different aspects that make up a person’s life. The various experiences one encounters in life will determine the kind of person they turn out to be. However, all individuals have been gifted with the power to manipulate different experiences, and bring out the best out of the ugliest situation encountered. Life experiences begin at home, then school, at the work place, and at various social places, among others. Personally, life at home, at school, and interactions with different people has taught me a lot, and to some extent shaped the person I am today. However, my core values have been of great importance to me, as these have guided me and helped me make wise decisions at different points in my life. These have made me understand that no one can make it in life, without values and principles.

My hometown is where I live, and it is where my home is. Since my family began living in this place, I have not thought or imagined living anywhere else, or referring to any other city as my hometown. I love Houston, and my admiration for this city keeps growing each day. This is the fourth largest city in the United States of America, and is the largest city in Texas.  With this, already one can imagine how it feels living in a large city. Apart from being large, what I love most about Houston is that it is an international city. This city has drawn people from different parts of the world. I really love and appreciate diversity of any kind; therefore, this is an aspect, which makes me like living in Houston. Here, I have friends from different parts of the world, including Asia, Kenya, Mexico, and Germany, among others. Being an outgoing and social person, this aspect of Houston boosts this trait in me. Recently, Houston city was named the most ethnically diverse city in the United States, beating New York. This makes me proud of Houston, since I like its multi-cultural climate.

People living in Houston are friendlier than those in other parts of Texas. These readily accept outsiders, and are known for their generosity. These donate to charity, scholarships, and education, among other initiatives. Living in a friendly environment gives me peace of mind, and this is what I also like most about Houston. Another aspect of Houston is that it is a green city. I appreciate the environment and all the efforts aimed at safeguarding it, since I know how important it is to conserve our environment. I share this same aspect with most Houstonians. For instance, when the recent drought adversely affected the Memorial Park and the Arboretum, a big number of Houstonians came out to replant these areas, in order to restore them. Close to 50,000 acres of land in Houston is dedicated to park space. With many parks and green spaces, picnics in Houston are always amazing.

Houston embraces art and culture, and has excellent museums. This is also home to some of the renowned contemporary writers in the United States. In addition, this is a major league city, with various sports. Houston’s world-class restaurants boast of diverse cuisines from different world regions. The social amenities in Houston are incredible. The presence of the Texas Medical Center and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center makes Houston a good place to fall sick in. Finally, despite all these factors, it is cheap to live in Houston, compared to other large cities in the United States, as housing is cheap here. These are among the aspects that make me love Houston. Here, my life has been fulfilling, and I am looking forward to even more, in future.

I live with my family in Houston, and thanks to them, I am the person I am today. My family has offered me guidance in different aspects of my life, and they have helped shape my identity. I look and my parents and siblings, and get some kind of inspiration. My parents are one hardworking couple, and are focused on their goals. Together, they have managed to accomplish much for our family, ensuring the psychological and physical well-being of my siblings and I. These have therefore taught me that, this is how a family should live. I have learnt the importance of hard work and being focused in life. I have always said that, in future, I want to be like my parents, if not better than them. Because of them, I have a different perspective toward life, and I appreciate that. My siblings too have been influenced by the kind of example our parents have set for us. Therefore, it might be strange if any of us shuns our family norms. These have guided us through different life stages, to bring us to our present state. My family, and especially my parents have been influential figures in my life, and I would wish to have the same influence on my family in future, since it is important.

I have different principles and values, which govern my life and how I respond to it. These guide me through decision-making, my social interactions, and how I react to different situations. I have always found peace and harmony deep inside, when I align my life with my core values. These represent my authentic self, and have continuously acted like my compass, giving me direction to the right place. I am aware and in touch with my values, and this has helped me overcome different moral situations in life.

First, I am driven by achievement. I am this ambitious person, who believes in achieving whatever I desire. I set my goals and work toward achieving them. Achievement therefore, motivates me and makes me work hard toward various goals. Additionally, the value of respect has been important to me. I respect myself and other people too. I always choose the best for myself and move away from all things and people that undermine my capabilities or me. This is as a sign of respect for myself. Similarly, I respect each person in their different capacities, especially the elderly people, who deserve respect no matter what. Respect has helped me live in harmony with others, while achievement has helped me live my dreams and desires. Although I have had personal challenges at some points, my core values have always taken me back on track. Nonetheless, I hope for a future, where I will be a better person in all spheres of life, having achieved all that I ever dream of today.



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