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My Favorite Advertisement

Advertisement is one important and commonly used strategy of marketing a product. Therefore, the level of imaginative and its ability to appeal to the audience determine how effective the advertisement will be in persuading prospective buyers. This essay focuses on my favorite advertisement, which was on the new Mini Countryman car. The essay will explain the objective of the advertisement, its main theme and assess if the objective was met. Moreover, the essay will explain whether the advertisement was appealing and if it managed to persuade me.

My favorite advertisement is the on the new Mini Country man car. The advertisement makes use of CG technology to enable the Mini Countryman multiply into several cars, which could merge from time to time. The objective of the advertisement is to demonstrate the capability of the Mini Countryman car to run across different topography. In the advertisement, the imaginative car multiplies into a fleet of several cars, which are similar to the original one. The fleet of the imaginative cars runs across different paths with differing terrain. Whenever an obstacle occurs, the fleet of Mini Countryman cars reunites to form one strong Mini Countryman car, which easily overcomes the obstacle. Whenever the car approaches a police check, the driver brakes suddenly but with ease (MINI Web).

Another objective was to demonstrate the highly responsive turning system of the Mini Countryman. This was demonstrated by immediate breaking whenever the car approached a police check.     Additionally, the advertisement was intended to depict the strength of the Mini Countryman tires. This was achieved since the car could easily break and stop without any incidences (MINI Web).

The main theme of the advertisement is to show the various versions of Mini Countryman cars and the strength it possess. The theme of the editorial matches the environment. This is because the advertisement manages to demonstrate the capability of Mini Countryman car to operate in different environs with differing topography. The versatility of the car is demonstrated by its capability to perform in the city as well as in the countryside. The advertisement portrays the Mini Countryman passing through rocky and cliffy terrain effortlessly as well as bushy ones (MINI Web).

The advert intrigued me due to its creative nature. It was interesting to watch the original Mini Countryman separate into different version only to reunite again. Additionally, the advertisement made the impression that the gear change is perfect engineered. This was depicted by the rapid sharp turns the Mini Countryman made. However, the steering wheel appeared to offer too much resistant such that the drivers appeared to be nudging the wheel too much (MINI Web).

When I first watched the Mini Countryman advertisement, I was shopping online for car that would be considerably cheap to maintain but strong enough to operate in different landscapes. It was then that I came across this advertisement. The creativity used in the advertisement was fascinating. I was impressed by way the advertisement showed how Mini Countryman behaves in the different routes. I was persuaded to learn more about the Mini Countryman and I went shopping. I ended up buying a Mini Countryman, which I drive up to today.


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