Module Learning Outcomes to be assessed

Module Description

The module addresses the management challenge of designing and implementing marketing programmes to carry out a firm’s strategy in its chosen target markets. It develops abilities to make marketing decisions in a variety of circumstances from manufacturing, retailing, public authority and situations in developing countries. The course encourages the use of technology to aid in analysis, decision-making and communication of decisions to relevant stakeholders.

Module Learning Outcomes to be assessed
Upon successful completion of this module students will be able to:

• Devise, plan, and utilize integrated approaches leading to the development and presentation of marketing plan(s) and marketing management decisions which incorporate the appropriate integration of theory and practice.
• Critically determine, formulate and define strategic marketing decisions based on analytical techniques delivered in the module and understand and demonstrate the importance of using analytical and logical skills in the application of marketing concepts to marketing issues
• Devise effective and integrated marketing plans based on a sound conceptual framework and related to marketing decisions which may be related to specific problems, examples, case studies or other appropriate models
• Comprehend, evaluate, and demonstrate a critical awareness of the value of marketing management in business organisations and of how marketing tools and techniques may apply to marketing situations and discuss how these may be used in particular situations and analyse the marketing environment, understand customers and identify opportunities (and threats) in the market place;
• Understand and demonstrate a critical awareness of the importance of marketing techniques including for example segmentation, and how marketing information is used to select target markets and design marketing programs to serve the selected target markets;
• Develop and demonstrate a critically evaluative and systematic approach to the use of research in the development of marketing strategies for organisations in different market positions and in the evolution of marketing practice.

Indicative Assessment Requirements for the Module

Assessment Type:

Individual Coursework (100 per cent)

Each student will work on a single case study that has been allotted to them. The questions are given at the end of the case study. Dates for individual coursework submissions will be provided by the programme administrator.

Marking criteria:

Please note that this should be in the form of a report and not an essay and the word count should be between 4000 and 5000 words including Harvard style references.

You will receive an individual mark for this work. It is emphasised that this aspect of the coursework should be your own work and not group work, so it is in your personal interest to ensure that you do not share it with other group members. The examiner is looking for evidence of comprehension of the four tasks involved in the questions that accompany the case study; your views; critical awareness; use of theory; interpretation and judgement; use of evidence; evaluation and a systematic approach to the use of research. It is suggested that 100 words is used in providing an introduction that sets the scene for what is to follow and then approximately 900 to 1000 words is used when answering each individual question. Some answers will be less than this and some will be more, depending on the problem that has been set, but the total guideline for all four questions is around 4000 words. Approximately 900 words should be allocated in providing a conclusion including references and this should cover the following points:

• Provide an executive summary of the individual research and work that was undertaken;
• Cite sources of information that have been identified together with key areas of research that were undertaken. Key sources of research/references/literature search sources should be correctly referenced, as an appendix.
• Somewhere in the conclusion please summaries what you feel are the key theoretical issues that have been covered.
• From an individual point of view, what personal observations do you have in relation to this piece of work? These observations can be positive and/or negative.
• Identify what you have personally learned as a result of undertaking this assignment.
• Was the exercise a success or a failure? What do you feel you have learned?

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