Modern Mom

Outline I. Introduction: I’ll discuss some of the important quality of mothers in modern ear. Thesis statement: acknowledgement and personalities of mothers in family and society has a main role in life, its major aspect of their personal and social identities. II. Shape her child brain. A. Affecting the ability of self-regulate and emotion into adult years. B. Corrective experiences, throughout life. III. Termed “womanly;” for the grace. A. Which comes from strength is far more graceful than that which comes from languor; the tenderness which comes from efficient sympathy is no less tender because of its efficiency. B. The trust which is based on a full recognition of all that love and trust and self- surrender implies is certain to be more permanent than the trust that is based on ignorance. IV. The career is the most important part of the modern women A. They work and can have professional, high-earning jobs. B. The build their own future and independent V. Conclusion: Admitting that the final modules of women. Are the representative women of our time. On the contrary, it is the women who are making the absolute best of themselves and of their fortunate surroundings who are the truly representative women of our time. These evince the latent.

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