Remember the first day of class when I mentioned I wanted you to be able to use class
concepts to better understand your sport experience (looking back) or be able to see how
the class material can be used in your career (looking forward) as well as seeing the
connection between applied and academic sport psychology? This assignment is aligned
with those objectives. As a ball park figure, these papers are often around 10 pages.
Writing more than that can be effective. However, writing less often lacks depth or
breadth of discussion.
This assignment entails selecting and writing/presenting critical analyses of Mind Gym.
Part of your critical analysis will involve summarizing the content of the book. Then, you
would compare and contrast the information presented in the text and class lecture.
Finally, you will you will analyze one of your experiences in the sport setting based on
what you learned from Mind Gym and the class OR apply the content learned from Mind
Gym and the class to your future goals or life in general.
Here are a few ideas to get you started in the writing process.
1. Identify and summarize the key themes you have identified from the book that you
will use to frame (guide) the rest of your paper. Please note that you will not
summarize all of the content—rather identify a few key themes that will be the focus
of your paper. To get you started, you might consider what you have learned about
sport psychology, leadership, or the pursuit of excellence from the book that connects
with what we have discussed in class. What themes from the book seem relevant per
your past sport experiences. What insights/reactions stand out in your mind as you
read the book?
2. Critically analyze the book by comparing/contrasting it to the information discussed
in the class and the text.
How do the themes you’ve described from the book compared to what we’ve
discussed in lecture and from the readings?
3. Looking back: Analyze one of your sport experiences based on what you have learned
from Mind Gym, the class text and readings. In this section of the paper, you will
describe the insights you did you gain from this book regarding your own life and a
sport experiences. To accomplish this, analyze one of your experiences in the sport
setting based on the Mind Gym, text, and lecture material. The experience could be a
season long experience or series of events. It can be a positive and/or negative
experience. Analyze the experience based on the readings and lecture. Analyze what
contributed to it being a positive or negative experience based on the lecture
information and text. If it was a situation that did not go as well as hoped or negative
experience, what would you have done differently or recommend that the coach do
differently in that situation based on your knowledge of sport psychology?

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